We Offer Advanced Services for Leading Edge Materials

Kagaku Analys AB offers a full range of pre-sale and after-sale services to ensure that you acquire the right instrument for the task in hand plus continued support for many years to come.

Accurate analyses keep materials research safely on track

Develop new materials and processes. Determine the properties of synthetic and natural materials. Put them to the test in extreme or real-life situations. It all demands ever more sophisticated synthesis tools and analytical instrumentation. Furthermore, the pace of such work is increasing all the time.

Our company possesses the practical skills, analytical instruments and application know-how to help R&D groups make faster and more reliable progress in a number of key areas.

Kagaku Analys AB

For twenty-five years and running, Kagaku Analys AB has seen as its mission to supply top-grade analytical instruments to discerning industrial and academic clients. With its ethos of long-term relation-building and regular client communication, Kagaku has grown organically of its own strengths. Our company deems it crucial to maintain a staff fully conversant with their offered technologies, well-prepared to guide and support customers in relevant application contexts. Read more

We Represent

We take great care in who and what we represent. We have thus selected only those companies and products that fit our areas of interest and expertise. Within these fields, Kagaku represents several world-leading companies, always exclusively, in Scandinavia, Europe or the rest of the world. Examples are listed below.

Our Team

When contacting our team you will meet an analysis specialist who shares your interest and enthusiasm for analytical instruments and their application. And instead of just an order form, this specialist brings a wealth of know-how that reflects how we work – by your side, understanding your needs, supplying a solution, and then supporting you during your work with the equipment.